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Welcome to my

Hi and welcome to my homepage. Here you find Games, Programs, Design and Music. I hope you like my stuff. Feel free to navigate around and play with this site :)


  6 tracks of music is online. Listen out the channels! DJ Aligator Remix - Gravity (space Theme)
The Clock - Uplifting Trance - MSM/MRJ MIX - Das Boot Remix

  • Tanks - The jungle
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    Color Program

      I have made this great tool for designers, it's based on homesite and SCSS file format. You can also see the homepage based style with the same colors, check it out now.

    Youtube - Color Program

    Online Game Demos Fusion 2.5 Info Youtube Play
    Sim Taxi 2D/3D You're are a Taxi Driver in a park! Play Video Play
    Flight 102 2D Shoot enemys to get max point. Play Video Play
    Snake Hits II 2D Use Mouse to navigate Play Video Play
    Quiz 2D English questions none Play
    Yatzy 2016 2D 5 Cubes none Play
    Santa on Ice 2D Strategy Game Play Video Play
    Ping Pong Deluxe 2D Use Mouse Play Video Play
    Memory - Poul Pava 2D Flip Card none Play

    Warlords Game Pack #3 Fusion 2.5 Info Youtube Download
    Mfa   Load and Save Levels 2D List to String - String to List none Download
    Mfa   Advanced Menu with icons 2D Using ini to read menu none Download
    Mfa   3D Piano that plays 2D/3D Record what you are playing Play Video Download
    Mfa   Isometric Tank AI 2D/3D Tanks keep in area where you clicked Play Video Download
    Mfa   IK+ 2D International karate + Play Video Download

    Warlords Game Pack #2 Fusion 2.5 Info Youtube Download
    Mfa   Firefly 3D Scene 2D/3D Walk and Jump Around in Firefly Play Video Download
    Mfa   Lacewing Blue Client Setup 2D Shoot with mouse online none Download
    Mfa   Ludo (Start up) 2D Random number to move player none Download
    Mfa   Tic Tac Toe AI 2D 3 on row none Download
    Mfa   Google Navigator 2D Search and navigate none Download
    Mfa   Real drum kit Sample 2D Play on real drums none Download
    Mfa   Sound Player 2D Play sounds from harddisk none Download
    Mfa   Draw The Board 2D Multi Player none Download
    Mfa   Online Mouse Pointer 2D Multi Player none Download
    Mfa   3D Knob and 2D Circel 2D Animated Sprites none Download
    Mfa   4 on row 2D Animated Sprites and design none Download
    Mfa   Bee at Box 2D Design none Download
    Mfa   mrjgames intro 2D Design none Download

    Warlords Game Pack #1 Fusion 2.5 Info Youtube/Exe Download
    Mfa   Tractor Engine 2D Physics Engine Exe Download
    Mfa   Yatzy 2011 2D 5 cubes Exe Download
    Mfa   Think it out 2D Physics Engine Exe Download
    Mfa   Tank War Game 2D Move tanks Exe Download
    Mfa   The cheerful kitchen 2D Smash glass with colour Exe Download
    Mfa   Super Potatoes 2D Simular to tanks Game Exe Download
    Mfa   Tanks 2D Simular to tanks Game Exe Download
    Mfa   Spaceball 2D Space ship Game Exe Download
    Mfa   Sokoban 2D More than 10 levels Exe Download
    Mfa   Sound Tracker 2D Fast Tracker Style - 3 channels Exe Download
    Mfa   Shoot Balloons 2D Shoot with mouse Exe Download
    Mfa   Snow Man 2D Snowman Platform Game Exe Download
    Mfa   Pong Pong Digital 2D Brick Game Exe Download
    Mfa   Quiz 2D Quiz Game Exe Download
    Mfa   Pixels 2D Puzzle Game Exe Download
    Mfa   Piano Master 2D 88 notes Exe Download
    Mfa   Paper Roll Menu 2D Text shown in Sprite Exe Download
    Mfa   Mini Golf 2D Use Mouse tro navigate Exe Download
    Mfa   Mirror Game 2D Shoot in corners Exe Download
    Mfa   Car Racing 2D Physic Engine Exe / Youtube Download
    Mfa   Hammer Nails 2D Click to hit Exe Download
    Mfa   Iso Taxa Driver 2D/3D Isometric Level Editor Exe / Youtube Download
    Mfa   Arrow 2D Shoot game Exe Download

    Source Code

    Fusion 2.5 Examples

    All projects are unfinished and abandoned! But the Idea and Code works fine. Check it out. The examples are now in order and in a List file, so it should be easy to find. All examples are also in Exe file, Ready to download!

    Quiz Master 2018

    This is Quiz Master on Danish You can easy change it and it only in 25 events. It read the text file from your server and vupti a game is created!... Enjoy

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    Genre: Techno - Trance

    Listen to tracks with Open Sound Mixer (above)

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    Hypertraxx Remix - DJ Aligator Remix - DJ MRJ VS DJ Aligator Remix 2018