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Recent Updates

Quiz Master 2018

This is Quiz Master on Danish

You can easy change it and it only in 25 events.

It read the text file from your server and vupti a game is created!...


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Warlords Game Pack

I put together all my small games into one exe file. Warlords Game Pack 2018

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  • DJ MRJ - Strange Love (Depeche Mode Remix)

    Listen today :)

    DJ MRJ - Megamix (club)

    Bongo World - Bass time - Tik Tik - Hammer - The Hunter

    The Hunter - Cool Techno Track

    This is best in the end of the track

    Go live on Youtube:

    DJ Aligator Summer Blender Render Mix :)

    Source Code

    All projects are unfinished and abandoned! But the Idea and Code works fine. Check it out.

    The examples are now in order and in a List file, so it should be easy to find.

    All examples are also in Exe file, Ready to download!

    Youtube Tracks

    Genre: Techno - Trance

    Notemark + v1.1

    This is Notemark (notepad ++ clone) Im very proud tp presents a master piece of modern text inferno. It's Build in with a "Dark Skin" so it's ready read at night!
    It have inbuild CSS code to insert to a homepage.
    It made with Fusion 2.5 and it's free to play it. Enjoy

    Color Program

    Color Program is a free web designer tool and it reads diffrent color maps!
    Go to the menu "Programs" to get more info about it!
    It made with Fusion 2.5 and it's free to play it. Enjoy

    Online Fusion Demos

    Online Fusion Demos